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02/17: Tracked a song for Syl Johnson, He was on vocals, harp (Hi Records, Twinight), Charles Hodges Hammond (Hi Records), Bernard Reed Bass (Motown, Brunswick), Willie Hayes Drums, Wilbert A. Crosby Gtr. (Aretha Franklin)

01/17: At the Soundmine in January Dennis cut a track for the Chicago Blues All-Stars, with Jimmy Lee Tillmen on drums, Freddie Dixon bass, Michael Damani guitar and vocals, Richard Gibbs Hammond and Keys, Mervyn "Harmonica" Hines, Phyllis Calderon violin, and Maurice John Vaughn on sax.

10/16: Dennis began a project with multi instrumentalist Shanta Nurullah (sitar, piano, bass) and Sitarsys. The sessions where jam packed with a bounty of great musicians: bassists, Harrison Bankhead, and Junius Paul, drummer Avreeayl Ra, Alex Wing on guitar, trumpeter Jack Cassidy, and Fred Jackson on saxes. Providing vocals are Keewa Nurullah, and Zahra Baker.

08/16: Horn tracking was completed for songwriter, producer Derrick "Doc" Pearson.  He was in from Washington D.C. to work with Tom Tom Washington and Dennis at Soundmine


Also in August, Dennis tracked a song for pianist Derrick Bounds, the players included Chuck Webb on upright bass, and Tyrone Blair drums, the song was a duet with featuring vocalist Lyndzee Shayy the project was done at Soundmine.

07/16: Violinist Edgar Gabriel began tracking an album at Soundmine Studios with Dennis. Players included Edgar on both accustic and electric violins, Ben "Jamin'" Johnson on drums, Kevin O'Connell on keyboards, Scott Mason, and Tony Mhoon on bass, Mike Levin on sax and woodwinds, and Steve Doyle on guitars.

05/16: Dennis began mixing a project with vocalist Carolyn Fitzhugh, tracked at several studios around Chicago, the players included: Tim Ipsen bass, Alfonzo Jones on drums, Stuart Mindeman on piano, Larry Brown Jr. gtr., and Brent Grifffin sax. The project is being mixed at Soundmine Studios, in Chicago.

Also in May work was continued on an album that was recorded live for Trinity United Church of Christ, over dubs and mixing will take place over the next few months.

02/16: A new project was started at Soundmine with the Unbande a quartet consisting of two violas, cello, and guitar. The group is led by Danny Seidenberg on viola, Daryl Silberman, on  the other viola, along with Matt Agnew on cello, and Matt Karnatz on Jazz guitar. Danny was a former member of the Turtle Island String Quartet.


03/15: Indie writer/guitarist Karl Jackson came into Soundmine to start tracking a 4 song ep to be self released at some point in the future, musicians

Steven C. Manns, on bass and Timothy Walker Jr. handled the drumming duties.


01/15: Dennis (Absolute Audio) undertook a recording at Soundmine with Percussionist Art "Turk" Burton manning Congas, and an ensemble that included Harrison Bankhead bass, Ari Brown reeds, Kirk Brown piano, Avreeayl Ra drums, Taalib-Din Ziyad vocals and flute, Sammi Torres percussion (toys), and Luis Rosario timbales and toys. The Album is currently being mixed and mastered, for a Spring release.


Also in January Absolute Audio began track for another release for Doktu Rhute Muuzic. Doktu handled the guitar like no one else, and he was backed up by Darryl Mahon on Drums, and David "Bo Bo" Ivory on Bass.


12/14: Reording has begun on a release for saxophonest Darius Hampton, who is nephew of Slide Hampton. The band was a powerhouse of a players including, Greg Artry drums, Junius Paul bass, and Alif Muhammad on Piano. The session is being recorded at Soundmine Studios.


11/14: At the Soundmine tracking some vocals for Reggie "Rajah" Helm, no release date is set at the current time.


08/14: Absolute Audio left the studio once more to do a live set with Sax player Jeff Morrison, and his Quartet at his favorite venue Danny's in Bucktown. The set included Jermey Cunningham on drums, Jeff Parker on guitar and Pete Benson on keys. The session is being mixed at Soundmine Studios.


05/14: Dennis (Absolute Audio) camped out for a total of six days at Chicago Recording Compay (CRC) to track the Tammy McCann Album "Love Stories" with Laurence Hobgood producing, arranging and handling piano duties, Sam Jewell on drums, Justin Thomas on vibes, and John Sutton bass. 



04/14: Chicago Bassist Chuck Webb and the CWB tracked and mixed a live studio album at Soundmine Studios. It was a unique experience in the fact that there was a live audience in the studio to watch every detail, including any retakes and mistakes. Some of the musicians involved included Ben "Jammin'" Johnson on Drums, Buddy Fambro guitar, Steve Eisen sax and flute, Tom Vaitsas on keyboards, and Michael Scott handling vocal duties.



03/14: Absolute Audio was hard a work in Soundmine Studio starting a new release for The Cecy Santana Project. Production is being handled by trumpeter Leon Q. Allen and Cecy. Players include Leon on trumpet / flugel horn, Derrell Lowe and Luiz Ewerling Drums, Gabriel Datcu, and Renato Anesi Guitars and various stringed instruments, Kurt Schweitz on Bass, William Kurk, and Theodis Rodgers Keyboards.


01/14: Absolte Audio recorded a live set at International House at University of Chicago with the Frank Walton Sextet. Along with Frank , the players included Allen Chase, Alto Sax; Avery Sharpe, Bass;Kevin Harris, Piano; Lance Bryant, Tenor Sax; Frank Walton Jr., Trumpet; Tony Carpenter, Percussion, and Yoron Israel, Drums.


Also taking place in January was tracking for an upcoming release by Saxophonist Bernard Scavella and his quartet, which included Robert Shy Drums, Chuck Webb, Bass, and Charlie Johnson on Piano


12/13: Started tracking a project with Anne Burnell with Henry Johnson handling the producing duties. Some great players where on the set including, Henry Johnson, Joshua Ramos, Charles Rick Heath IV, Mike Logan, and Mark Burnell. The session took place at Soundmine Studios, Chicago.


03/13: A Project was started with the Afro-Cuban band Pa-ti members included Greg Carmouche on congas, Justin Dillard on keys, Jeff Harris bass, Leon Q Allen trumpet, Fred Jackson sax, and Steve Corley on drums. 


02/13: Dennis began an ongoing project that will hilight various bands being recorded in studio and then posted on the on the web for viewing, This is being done through the Crooked Prism PR firm. 


01/13: Sax player Edwin Daurgherty was in at the mine to track a new album of tunes with players Samuel Jewell on drums, keyboardest Mike Logan, and bassist David "Dawi" Willams.


Also working with Dennis was Indiana Bluesman Robert Day, recording drums and horns with producer Tim Gant, and arranger Tom Washington. 


12/12: Soundmine and Dennis brought the studio to the venue with their second live recording. They recorded tenor sax man Jeff Morrison at Danny's in Chicago's Wicker Park. the cd has beenmixed and mastered and should be released in 2013. 


11/12: South African Bassist Jimmy Mngwandi payed a vist to Soundmine to track several tunes with Dennis, players on the hit included Marquis Hill trumpet, Jeremy Cunningham drums


09/12: Dennis tracked a couple of sonngs for Chicago indie band Fort Frances, and began mixing a project for Gary Indiana Drummer Robert Gates, the sessions are being done at Soundmine Studios.


08/12: Dennis and Soundmine studios undertook their first live recording, documenting a live show for Frieda Lee at the ETA Theater on Chicago's South side. The show was in conjuction with drummer Charles Heath's Jazzin' On The South Side Series. Frieda's band included Charles Heath on drums, Jim Cox on Bass and Migel De la Cerna on Keyboards. 


03/12: Dennis recoerded and mixed audio for a live video shot at Soundmine for the Milton Suggs Philosophy. The band preformed a total of 8 songs and will be posted on Milton's YouTube channel over the next several months. 


02/12: Drummer Christiana Powell began a project with Absolute Audio at Soundmine Studios. Several sessions will be done, and will be blending a mix of jazz with an old school R&B feel. 


01/12: Dennis started another project with The Merchants Big Band, the album will be completed over the next several months. The project is being done at Soundmine Studios.


11/11: November continued with another mixing project, the first release for saxophonist Christopher McBride. The album was tracked by Dan Nichols and will be mastered by Danny Leake. Look for the release some time in the spring of 2012.


10/11: The month began with mixing an album for jazz vocalist Zemrah. The project started with recording four new tunes with a quartet in the fall of 2010, then overdubs and remixing on previously tracked tunes. The album was rereleased near the end of October of 2011. Also in the month of October Dennis mixed several tunes with Chicago composer Phil Barish. The songs will be released sometime in the coming year. 


09/11: The beginning of September began saw Dennis in the studio once more with vocalist Milton Suggs. Tracking began for his third release, featuring a Quuartet that included drummer Greg Artry, bassist Joshua Ramos, pianist Mike Jellick, and trumpeter Marquis Hill. Tracking was done at the Soundmine.


08/11: Dennis was in the studio once more, tracking a new album for Bassist Marlene Ronseberg and the MRQ at the Soundmine. Players on the date included Geof Bradfield-sax, Scott Hesse Guitar; along with Makaya McCraven- Drums, and of course Marelene on bass, look for the album some time early next year. 


07/11: Absolute Audio brought the studio to the source for the third album for solo pianist Michele de Wilton. The new album is a collection for Christmas songs and was recorded at a private residenceon a beautifully restored 1913 Steinway B. The album should be availible for the holiday season. 


Also in July, Dennis spent several days mixing an album for St. Louis Jazz Guitarist Larry Brown Jr. The album was recorded last fall at Soundmine Studios, and just recently mastered by Danny Leake. The album titled "There Can Only Be One" should be availible this fall. 


06/11: Dennis spent three days at the end of June with Dr. Everett N. Jones III of Wilberforce University, and several very talented musicians.The session was assembled to recordfor the first time works of African American Composor William Grant Still (d.1978) . Several different set-up combinations were used the largest being Piano, with a string quartet and flute. This is the first time these works have ever been recorded. The session was commissioned by Still's daughter Judith Anne.


Also recorded on these session dates were several unrecorded works of Swedish Composor Clifford Julstrom (d.1991). The Julstrom sessions were commissioned by his wife Rosa Drake JulstromAll of the works recorded during these sessions will be released at a later date on a couple different classical labels. The sessions were done at Chicago Recording Company. 


03/11: Dennis began a new project at Soundmine with Bassist Frank Russell. Guitarist Henry Johnson is handling the production duties. Musicians on the session included drummer Robert Gates, keyboardist Mike Logan, saxman Peter Roothaan, guitarist Keith Henderson, and percussionist Tony Carpenter. 


Also in March, Dennis undertook a live recording of a duet for harp and trombone. The song featured acclaimed musicians Harpist Emily Mithcell, and Trombonist Jim Pugh at Lyon & Healy Hall in Chicago. The song is slated to appear on Emily's upcoming album. 


12/10: Dennis was in Soundmine Studios with Seattle Washington's Vicci Martinez cutting three songs with a 5 piece horn section. Vicci was one of the four finalists on the NBC series "The Voice" The session was headed up by Chicago R&B ledgend Syl Johnson. Also in the Soundmine with Dennis was a jazz quintet lead by Chicago trumpeter Marquis Hill, the group was laying down several tracks for a upcoming album release. 


09/10: At Soundmine Studio, Dennis spent several days recording a new Brazillion flavored jazz album for Japaneese Artist Iku Mori. The album was produced by Takao Ishizuka, and the arragments were handled by guitarist Paulinho Garcia. The Album will be mixed in Japan with a release date later in the year.


07/10: Dennis had a busy July mixing several songs on the second full length album from Artist, DJ, Musician Shannon Harris. The album titled "Audio Urbanology: The Art of Audio Truism"will be released on his Urbanicity label. Dennis was also recording and mixing the sophmore album for solo piano artist Michele de Wilton, the album was completed at Chicago Recording Company. 


04/10: A project that was started and completed in January of 2010 with oboist Anna Velzo will be released this summer. The project was a classical trio lead by Anna on the oboe and featureing Matthew Ganong on piano and Eric Sheaffer on cello. The album is titled Escale. The project was done at Chicago Recording Company. 


03/10: Dennis has been keeping busy working with Gospel producer and musician Delon Bowen at Soundmine Studios, the current project is slated to be releasd some time over the summer. Also anohter project with St. Louis based singer Uvee Hayes is in the beginning stages and will be set for release later in the year. 


01/10: Dennis started the year out working with the Valpo Jazz Trio at Chicago Recording. The project is being produced by Chicago's own Henry Johnson.


Another project is also taking place at the Soundmine is for Doktu Rhute Muzzic (formally known as blues guitarist Roy Hightower), He is working on an album of new material 


12/09: A project with Milton Suggs was started, with an album to be released in the spring. Some of the musicians on the set were keyboardest Willerm Delisfort, bassist Patrick Mulcahy and guitarist Larry Brown Jr. The sessions are taking place at Soundmine Studios. 


11/09: Time was spent working with local singer/songwriter Carly Hoban on a three song demo project. 


Background vocal and gtr o/d sessions were completed for Japanese artist Nokko. The album will be mixed next month and released in Japan early in 2010. 


Springfield IL based musician Henry Miles began tracking a project that will be finished and relased in the coming months. The sessions are taking place at the Soundmine 


08/09: Dennis has been spending time at the new Soundmine Studios tracking some horn and string dates with arranger Tom Washington for a Syl Johnson produced album for Australian Artist Mellow D,


as well as tracking horn sessions for an upcoming album being produced in Germany for former Tower of Power singer Hubert Tubbs . Hubert's album is being produced by former Chicagoan Tino Gonzolas. 


07/09: Dennis also spent time in the studio tracking a project with Chicago tenor sax man Ray Bailey and his Quintet, the album should be released in the Fall. 


06/09: Dennis spent a couple of very full days in the studio with progressive jazzers TriOdelay tracking and mixing for a upcoming release. The band includes Tyler Ross on guitar, Jeff Loehrke on drums and Ben Willis on bass. 


03/09: Absolute Audio spent a couple of days in March working with singer/songwriter Rob Pierce along with songwriter Kevin Houlihan. The sessions icluded laying some rhythm tracks and vocals. On the session were guitarist Joel Patterson, Bassists Pete Cimbalo, and Beau Samples, and singers Cheryl Wilson, Joyce "Peaches" Faison, and Laveeta "Squeaky" Robinson. The Album was released in mid May. 


09/08: Dennis took a trek down to Valprasio In., to work on an E.P. with Andrea Dawn and Jeremy Junkin at The Alley Recording Company. Working with Dennis was the studio's head engineer Marc Nelson. The disc hopefully will be released before the end of the year. 


08/08: Musian Correy Forbes flew in from Turks and Caicos Islands to record backing vocals with some of Chicago's finest and mix two songs. The session was done at CRC. The songs will be mastered at Colossal Mastering by Dan Stout. 


05/08: Returning to Soundmine Studios, Dennis has been working with producer/arranger Tom Washington. Tracks are being recorded for a upcoming release by St. Louis based singer Uvee Hayes. The sessions included tracking of rhythm and horns sections. When finished the mastering will be handled by Danny Leake. 


03/08: Dennis lent a hand on digital transfers for a new retrospective album titled Skafish "What's This? 1976 - 1979". He also recorded a historical narrative with founder Jim Skafish. The narratives focus is on the effect the band had on the local, natonal, and international punk scene. It will be officially released in April of 2008. The album will feature several never before released songs from the band. Work was done at Chicago Recording Company and mastering completed by Trevor Sadler of Mastermind Productions in Milwaukee.


02/08: Work has been completed, on a solo piano project by artist Michele de Wilton. Tracking was done on a Steinway in Chicago Recording Company's Studio 4. Mastering was handled by Dan Stout at Colossal Mastering


12/07: Dennis has been back at Soundmine Studio working with Rolland Browns Merchants Big Band, 19 pieces no waiting. 


10/07: Dennis was at Soundmine Studios in Chicago mixing tracks for an upcoming release by trumpeter Dr. Odies Williams. The mastering will be handled by Colossal Masterings Dan Stout. 


09/07: Jazz Guitarist Zvonimir Tot returned to the studio to record an album of consisting of elevan duets with Chicago's Brazillian born guitarist Paulinho Garcia and bassist Larry Gray. Paulinho also provided vocals on the session. Dan Stout at Colossal Mastering will put the finishing touchs on the project. 


08/07: Vocalist Tammy McCann took up residence in the studio to track songs for a new release. Production is being handled by guitarist Henry Johnson. Musicians on the hit included drummer Ernie Adams, bassist Harrison Bankhead, horn man Ari Brown, and keyboardest Micheal Logan. Henry layed down guitar on a few of the tracks as well. Also present in the studio was Executive Producer Kevin Beauchamp of Katalyst Entertainment. 


08/07: Local tenor man Jeff Morrison stepped into the studio with Dennis to record tracks with a quartet featuring Brian Ritter on drums, Jake Vinsel on upright and in from New York on piano Steve Einerson 


07/07: Absolute Audio entered the studio with producer Rich Rankin cutting tracks with vocalist Gayle Bisesi for an upcoming release tentivly titled "Child Eyes". Featured on the set were husband Nick Bisesi manning tenor sax, along with drummer Eric Montzka, bassist Patrick Williams, and Guitarist Neal Alger.


03/07: The Latin jazz group Conjunto was back in the studio with Absolute Audio and Dennis Tousana recording tracks for a future release. The group layed down several tunes with the hope of using about half of them. 


01/07: Absolute Audio mixed a new single "Woman Feeds the World" for the upcoming release by Urbanicity Recording Artist/DJ/Producer Shannon Harris. The single features Avery R. Young (Vocs.), Junius Paul ( bass), and Sal Perez (Percussion). No release date has been set as yet.


11/06: An offical release date for the album by Chicago drummer Ed Breazeale has arrived. Absolute Audio completed tracking on this effort in the spring of '05. The Album featured tenor player Jim Gailloreto, bassist Larry Kohut, John Kregor on guitar, and Ryan Cohan on piano. 


11/06: Tracking is taking place on a new album for Chicago vocalist Ava Logan. The album is being produced by jazz guitarist Henry Johnson. Musicians on the sessions include Larry Gray on Bass, Larry Novak on Piano, and Leon Joyce manning the Kit.


08/06: Tracking has been completed and mixing has begun on the new release by the Zvonimir Tot Trio.The album features composer, arranger Zvonimir Tot (Tot pronounced with the long "o") on guitar, bassist Larry Gray, and Charles Heath III on drums. The Album should be available early next year. 


06/06: Absolute Audio has begun work with Chicago singer songwriter Brian "BC" Carter on a new solo Acoustic effort. The ten song


CD is moving ahead at a good pace with recording and mixing expected to be completed by October, and a release in '07. 


05/06: Tracking began on the new album for the Matt Geraghty Project at Chicago Recording Company. Some of the players on the


session included Matt Geraghty on bass, Jeff Fortin and Paul Wertico on drums, guitarist Neal Alger and Howard Levy on harmonica. 


03/06: Work was completed on "Theme & Variation in Four Movements". An Original piano composition By Rasson Bet-Yonan. The work was performed by pianist Adam Chlastava, with production handled by Rabel Shamuel. Mastering was completed by Dan Stout at Colossal Mastering. 


12/05: Absolute Audio completed work on the new Skafish Christmas Album Slated for release in the fall of 2006, it will be the frist release for Skafish in fifteen years.The tracking date included bassist Larry Kohut, and drummer Tom Hipskind. Mastering will be handled by Trevor Sadler of Mastermind Productions in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 


12/05: Tracking sessions began for a new album from saxman Will "Skinny" Williams for release in 2006, players on the date included Richard Patterson on bass, Ernie Adams on drums, and Mike Loganon keys.


10/05: At Reelsounds in Skokie,Il. A four day tracking and mix session took place with legendary drummer Ed Thigpen and Midwest Serengeti. The band included Orbert Davis on trumpet, Willie Pickins piano, Marlene Rosenberg on Upright and Deborah Brown on vocals. 


09/05: Tracking and Mixing are completed, and release of the latest solo album from George McRae "Solitary Persuasions" is set. It is a solo piano album, and recording took place over the span of the last year with three different pianos being recorded. Those included the 9' Baldwin from Sparrow Sound, the 6'5" Chicago Recording Steinway and the 6'11" Fazioli which was recorded on location at the Fine Arts Building in the Loop, in downtown Chicago.


04/05: Coming up in April the latest Freed Haque Group album "Cosmic Hug" is set for release. Mixing was completed in October of 2004. 


05/05: Tracking took place on an album for drummer Ed Breazeale


05/05: Mixing duties were shared with others on the Walt Witman and the Soul Children album "Reaching All Nations" 


03/05: Tracking and mixing were finally completed on the album by Latin jazz group Conjunto with mastering duties being handled by Dan Stout at Colossal Mastering, the album is slated for release this summer. 


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